vrijdag 14 maart 2008

Ten Reasons To Watch It Again

Ten things you might have missed the previous 354 times you watched 'The Big Lebowski'.

  1. The same trident held by Maude Lebowski during the Dude’s dream sequence can also be seen in a statue in the Big Lebowski’s mansion.
  2. Cynthia’s dog, that Walter brings to the bowling alley, isn’t actually a pomeranian, but a Yorkshire terrier (pictured: a real pomeranian).
  3. The license plate of Bunny Lebowski’s car reads ‘Lapin’, which is French for rabbit.
  4. The Dude drinks nine White Russians during the movie, one of which he drops on Jackie Treehorn’s carpet.
  5. When we see Treehorn’s two thugs again at his mansion, they’ve swapped clothes since we saw them at the Dude’s place.
  6. The priapic picture which the Dude crumples and puts in his pocket, turns up uncrumpled and neatly folded in the Dude’s wallet at Malibu police station.
  7. The beer the Dude drinks in the car prior to crashing it, is called ‘Meichtry Draft’.
  8. The Dude does not bowl once during the whole movie.
  9. Donny gets a strike every time he bowls, except the last time, right before the confrontation with the Nihilists, in which he dies.
  10. When they are about to spread Donny’s ashes, Walter’s and the Dude’s hair is already covered in dust, probably from a previous take.

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